ET Football has a long running tradition of all level uniform standards to ensure our players present as a unified, cohesive team.  Below are the uniform inventory lists and game day uniform guidelines.  Players need to address uniform questions with their coach directly.

Issued Inventory (required to return at end of season)

-1 practice jersey 
-1 pair practice pants
-2 game jerseys (Blue = Home, White = Away)
-1 pair game pants (Blue = all games).  White pair may be issued depending on Coach decisioning.
-1 game helmet w/chin strap (for those players that don't use personal helmet)
-1 pair of shoulder pads (for those players that don't use personal pads)
-1 set of knee pads 
(for those players that don't use personal pads)

Issued Inventory (player keeps, not required to return at end of season)
-Game socks (Blue = all games). 

Not Issued Inventory (player responsible for supplying)
-Cleats (no loud colors - see Uniform Guidelines below)
-5 pad girdle (or equivalent - "5 pads" are 1 tailbone pad, 2 hip pads and 2 thigh pads)

-Team gear (spirit wear or equivalent for practices prior to full pads)
-Mouth guard (mouth guards are available from coaches on emergency basis only)
-Hard or soft cup

-Belt(s) for practice and/or game pants

Coaches will provide uniform instructions to the team directly.  Regardless of required jersey/pant combo, the below guidelines are to be followed:

-Long sleeve shirts and/or shorts worn under jersey that have exposed sleeve are to match the color of the jersey.
-Issued game socks are to be worn - do not replace with other style, cut or color.
-Cleats (allowed colors/schemes): white, blue, gold/yellow, gray, black.  Red, pink, orange, lime green, et al "loud colored" cleats are not allowed.