Use and Disclosure of Information

Tri-City Eagles Field Hockey Club does not sell/share personally identifiable information, such as your name or e-mail address to advertisers or other third parties. However, we do at times share your name, email address, and FHBC # to Field Hockey BC for the purpose of doing audits and validation of membership status within the governing bodies of Field Hockey in British Columbia and Canada. This is a process the Club is mandate to do under our governing bodies, and is designed to protect all our members in the event of any sort of injury on the field.
Information that we collect during the registration and management of the Club, otherwise known as the Tri-City Eagles Field Hockey Club, can and will be used for Club Team Management and Communications within our membership. This would include name, email, contact information, and other pertinent data that goes into the making of club rosters, managing rosters and teams online in our Club Website. All information is encrypted and password protected for the protection of our members. Peripheral data can and will be shared within the Team Membership of our site, and is only accessible by authorized users. Club Membership data as a whole, is only accessible by the governing directors of the Tri-City Field Hockey Club, and is strictly used for the management of the Club.. We do not knowingly collect or disseminate any data for Children under the age of 13. Information that is provided to us is only collected by us at the hands of the Childs Parent/Guardian
We also aggregate information supplied by users during registration and information about their use of the website to maintain our services and describe our user base to potential partners, investors and advertisers. In providing this information, however, we do not reveal any personally identifiable information, and only supply summary data about our community of users.

Data Security

No credit card information is stored on this site.  Your user details and passwords are kept secure and the technology used on this site meets current industry standards. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who are all contractually obligated to keep information secure and confidential) have access to user details. 
If there is ever a breach of such data, all members of the association would be contacted immediately

These policy(s) are subject to change without notice