Race Prep:

  • Carbs the day before even if its a sprint. Get some sleep the night before but its 2 nights before that is most important.
  • On the morning of the race you should drink lots of water and try to eat no less than 2.5 hours before the race. Avoid simple sugars, but you can have orange juice, apple juice as they have fructose not sucrose.
  • Arrive about 2-1.5 hours before the race.
  • If possible ski the course, if not ski the first part and the last part so you know when to push hard. Make sure you know the start order.

Warm-up Routine: 

30 min. before the start warm-up and finish testing your wax.

20 min. before the start do 1 minute very hard to get yourself ready to race.

15 min. before the start take care of any bathroom issues. You should remain close to the start line from here on out.

5 min. before the start take your skis off, run back and forth to warm up the legs.

4 min. before start all warm-ups off and run with poles on near the gate.

1.5 min. before the race get on your skis.

*Make sure you wear a watch so you know when you start. You should not need someone guiding you to make it to the start of your race.


Post Race Routine:

  • Put on warm-ups immediately after race completion. 
  • A cool down ski will need to occur as well. For meets of a single race consult the coaches for duration of cool down. For pursuit races the cool down should be ten to fifteen minutes of easy skiing.